'Mandela' Most Searched Term on Google in 2013

Nelson Mandela (left) and Paul Walker Nelson Mandela (left) and Paul Walker

The most searched term on the Internet this year was "Nelson Mandela" after the South African civil rights leader died on Dec. 5, Google said Wednesday.

Google announces the Top 10 most popular search terms every year.

The death of famous people generally set the search engine spinning. No. 2 was actor Paul Walker, star of the "The Fast and the Furious" movie franchise, who died in a fiery car crash last month, while actor Cory Monteith, who was found dead in a hotel room in Canada in July, came fourth.

Three new gadgets were also among the most-searched. Apple's iPhone 5S came third, while Samsung's Galaxy S4 released in March came eighth. Sony's Play Station 4, the Japanese company's first new release in seven years, came in ninth.

The Harlem shake, a dance craze, came fifth, followed by the Boston Marathon terror bombing and Britain's royal baby. North Korea ranked within the top 10 as well.

In Korea, the most-searched term was the cartoon "Attack on Titan," followed by Psy's second hit single "Gentleman." "Gangnam Style" remained the eighth most-searched word in Korea.

Third was baseball star Ryu Hyun-jin, followed by the hit TV drama "Master's Sun," and actor Park Si-hoo. The Bong Joon-ho film "Snowpiercer" was seventh, actress Clara ninth, and girl band Crayon Pop 10th.

In sixth was former Cheong Wa Dae spokesman Yoon Chang-joong, who was sacked over a sexual harassment scandal during President Park Geun-hye's U.S. trip earlier this year.

englishnews@chosun.com / Dec. 19, 2013 12:18 KST