Survey Reveals Signs of Impending Breakups

One of the telling signs that a marriage is on the rocks and may be heading for divorce is when either partner starts going out frequently at night or staying out overnight, a recent poll suggests.

Only You, which specializes in matching divorcees, paired up with matchmaking firm Bien-Aller to conduct a survey earlier this month on 283 men and the same number of women who had ended their marriages. They were asked to identify the main clue hinting at the impending breakup of their marriage.

Some 52.3 percent of men and 48.4 percent of women cited the fact that their spouse started spending a lot more time out of the house. A snappy manner and much colder way of communicating was the second most common sign, winning votes from 25.4 percent of men and 23.3 percent of women.

When asked why they suffered through an unhappy relationship rather than seeking a divorce earlier, 30.6 percent of men and 36.3 percent of women said they feared such a drastic move would negatively affect their career. Other reasons cited were the potential embarrassment it could cause family or relatives, the stigma of being a divorcee, and possible financial difficulties afterwards.

Bien-Aller said, "Despite an increase in the number of divorces, people are still not free from the stigma attached to this. There are many disadvantages socially that they have to endure, so many people tend to keep it secret or hurriedly get remarried." / Dec. 19, 2013 08:36 KST