Samsung Likely to Escape Fine in EU Antitrust Probe

Samsung Electronics is expected to reach a settlement with the EU after an antitrust investigation on charges of abusing standard patents needed by all mobile phone manufacturers.

EU authorities will end a probe that has lasted nearly two years if the deal goes through, saving Samsung a fine of up to W19 trillion (US$1=W1,051). The EU can fine companies violating antitrust regulations up to 10 percent of their revenues.

Bloomberg News on Thursday said EU antitrust regulators are expected to accept Samsung's offer made in October that it "wouldn't seek injunctions to block sales of smartphones and tablets using patents that are part of a technology standard for five years against companies willing to seek fair licensing terms."

Samsung also offered to withdraw a request to ban imports into Europe of rival products that use its standard patents.

EU antitrust authorities at the time said they would make a decision on the proposal after spending the next month listening to the views of other parties. They appear to have had favorable responses from Apple, Microsoft and Nokia.

EU authorities are also investigating Apple, Google and Microsoft for possible violations of antitrust regulations. / Dec. 13, 2013 12:01 KST