Kim Yu-na's Outfit Upsets Fans

Kim Yu-na not only unveiled her new programs of the season in Friday's dress rehearsal for the Golden Spin of Zagreb in Croatia but also the new outfits. But her chartreuse dress with sparkling beads on the chest, donned for the short program to "Send in the Clowns," has unleashed a storm in a teacup.

It was widely derided as being more suitable for a child.

It was designed by Ahn Gyu-mi, a Korean designer who specializes in dance sportswear. Kim started working with Ahn last season, and Ahn also designed the outfits for the short program to "The Kiss of the Vampire" and free skate to "Les Misérables" last season.

As soon as the dress was unveiled, Ahn's website was down due to overload, and at the moment she is refusing to talk to the media.

All That Sports, Kim's management agency, defended the outfit. "We chose a warm and calm color to go with the feel of the elegiac and lyrical music," it said. In an interview after the short program, Kim was less confident. "We discussed the dress with the designer," she said, but pledged to "make modifications if there are things that feel uncomfortable in performing the programs."

Kim's backless black dress for the free skate to "Adios Nonino" on Sunday got a much better reception. / Dec. 09, 2013 13:02 KST