Samsung Executives Earn Over W5.2 Billion a Year

Executives earn more than W5.2 billion a year at Samsung Electronics, the highest among Korean companies (US$1=W1,061).

The Korea CXO Institute and head-hunters Unico Search on Tuesday analyzed the wages of executives in the top 100 Korean companies who sit on their board of directors and are legally responsible for corporate decisions.

Samsung paid these high-flyers W5.21 billion a year, but that is still only half the W10.9 billion the company paid in 2011.

Second is SK Innovation with W4.12 billion, followed by Samsung Heavy Industries with W3.68 billion, Meritz Fire and Marine Insurance with W3.22 billion, CJ Cheiljedang with W3.18 billion and SK Telecom with W3.09 billion.

At total of 13 companies pay their executives more than W2 billion a year, while the average executive salary is W1.09 billion. A total of 74 companies more than W500 million a year, and 39 more than W1 billion. / Dec. 04, 2013 12:18 KST