Kim Woo-bin Shapes Up as Hot New Heartthrob

Kim Woo-bin is emerging as one of the hottest actors this year as his presence is being keenly felt both on TV and at the box office.

In the SBS drama "The Heirs," he is making a strong impression on viewers with his depiction of a charming but rebellious hotel chain heir. He has found a way into female viewers' hearts with his acting skill as he conveys the character's feelings of loneliness, longing, and unrequited love.

Kim is also receiving rave reviews for playing a young gang member in his film debut, "Friend 2," the sequel to the 2001 hit that serves as a major milestone in Korean cinema.

"Friend 2" has topped the local box office since it opened last Thursday, already drawing over 1 million viewers. / Nov. 21, 2013 08:21 KST