Young Men and Women Live Least Healthy Lives

      November 09, 2013 08:13

      Men in their 30s and women in their 20s are most stressed age groups and smoke and drink the most, a survey suggests.

      The finding comes from an annual survey by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of over 10,000 people in 3,840 households nationwide.

      Men in their 30s are exposed to the greatest health risk as they scored higher than averages in terms of smoking, high-risk drinking, stress, obesity and lack of exercise.

      Some 54.8 percent of them smoke, 11.1 percent points more than the average across all age groups. They also suffer the highest stress level at 29.8 percent and are the second most at-risk group after 40-somethings in terms of binge drinking and obesity.

      Some 25.4 percent of 30-something men drink more than twice a week and over seven glasses of alcohol at a time, while 40.6 percent of the age group are obese. The figures for men in their 40s stood at 27.8 percent and 45.0 percent.

      Men in their 30s are the third least likely to exercise for over 20 minutes a day, more than twice a week with 52.5 percent, after over-70s (54.5 percent), and 50-somethings (53.1 percent).

      Women in their 20s also managed their health poorly. They ranked highest in stress levels (45.5 percent), smoking (13.6 percent), high-risk drinking (9.2 percent), and malnutrition (24.8 percent).

      Men in their 30s and women in their 20s all cited problems in the workplace as the greatest source of stress, the KCDC said. As they adapt to the workplace, they apparently resort to drinking and smoking as a stress reliever.

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