Apple Smartwatch to Have Flexible Screen

Apple has apparently decided to equip its smartwatch with a flexible display, industry sources said.

They said the rumored "iWatch" will be equipped with a plastic OLED monitor that can be bent.

Last month Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which has a normal rigid display and at 73 g is slightly on the heavy side.

It remains to be seen whether Apple can repeat its habitual trick of improving innovations so much that it acquires a kind of monopoly on the popular imagination.

Apple is said to be developing three different models of the iWatch -- a 1.3-inch, 1.4-inch and 1.5-inch prototype. "A prototype of the 1.5-inch has already been made," the source said.

When the end result will come out is not known. / Oct. 01, 2013 11:39 KST