Facts You Should Know About Sunscreen

      July 27, 2013 10:50

      Up to 90 percent of skin aging that is not simply due to the ravages of time can be attributed to exposure to the sun, some experts believe. Protection from the sun is a must if people want to prevent wrinkles, freckles and dry, saggy skin. But what can sunscreen do, and what can it not do to help your skin stay younger?

      ◆ Is sunscreen only for sunny days?

      No. People need to always wear sunscreen regardless of the weather and seasons, because clouds do not filter out all UV rays.

       ◆ Is it safe to stay in the sun longer with sunscreens with higher SPF numbers?

      Sunscreen tends to get rubbed or washed off by sweat or water exposure, especially during swimming. Once out of the water, sunscreen should be put on again. Otherwise it is best to reapply it every two to three hours, a cosmetics expert says.

      ◆ Do cosmetics with SPF offer enough sun protection?

      Cosmetics with SPF are advertised as an effective alternative to sunscreen, but experts agree that sunscreen should still be applied separately. The mixture will provide better protection.

      ◆ Do darker-skinned people need to wear sunscreen?

      People with both dark and light skin are vulnerable to aging of the skin due to sun exposure. Caution is the best policy as UV rays may cause skin trouble and even skin cancer.

      ◆ Is it safe to use old bottles of sunscreen?

      Once opened, the effectiveness of sunscreen can diminish, especially when it is exposed to high temperatures, so discard old opened bottles. But if it has been stored unopened at room temperature, it can be used for up to three years.

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