One-Meal-a-Day, the Latest Fad Among Dieters

A growing number of Koreans are opting to have just one meal a day, chiefly to slim down and get fit.

Ga-in Ga-in

Ga-in of the manufactured band Brown Eyed Girls told an interviewer she ate only a meal a day for a week before appearing on rapper Psy’s "Gentleman" music video. "I didn't lose a huge amount of weight," she said, but added she "psychologically reassured."

The simple diet plan attracted an inordinate amount of attention, but does eating just one meal a day really do the trick?

Experts say weight may go down, but that could simply result in a haggard-looking face, which is why many people then have to resort to fillers to make up for their weight loss. / Apr. 26, 2013 08:30 KST