Park Si-yeon Exudes Charm as Femme Fatale on TV Soap

Park Si-yeon Park Si-yeon

Seven years after her TV debut, Park Si-yeon is winning over audiences with her latest role as a femme fatale in the KBS soap "The Innocent Man."

The melodrama tells the story of a man who is betrayed by the woman he loved when she marries a business mogul for money. To get his revenge, the man intentionally approaches her step-daughter to seduce her in order to provoke his ex-lover, creating complicated feelings of love and conflict among the three of them.

Critics have credited Park's mature performance, saying she mastered the character's complicated nature in a way that heightened the tension of the story, and was not overshadowed by leading actors Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won. / Oct. 18, 2012 08:26 KST