Dorothy Nam Never Runs out of Energy

  • By Lee Hyun-yi

    April 20, 2012 08:28

    Dorothy Nam, host of the EBS radio talk show "Star English," helps listeners learn English with appearances of English-speaking celebrities, telling their life stories and sharing tips for improving English. Her outgoing and cheerful character makes the show both fun and easy to approach.

    Her professional credentials are backed by the many English education programs she has hosted. She already demonstrated her skills with her previous music show on Arirang FM "Evening Groove," which she hosted live for six years. "I started hosting 'Star English' last summer," Nam said. "The timing was perfect for me. I'm in my early 40s now and I have a lot of experiences that I'd like to share." She said she finds guests for her current show by tapping into her long list of contacts.

    Dorothy Nam

    Nam came to Korea when she was in her late 20s and decided to stay for a couple of years to learn about Korean culture when she was asked to teach a course on speech communication at a university in Daejeon. "I ended up living here for 16 years now," she said. "But it feels like I got here just yesterday."

    What keeps her busy are more than just the TV and radio programs she hosts. It is her voice that lets commuters know which stop is coming up next on Seoul subway lines seven, nine and some stops on line six and the entire Daejeon subway as well. She also works as a voice actor, English language instructor, CEO of an English education business and even a fashion designer with several fashion shows under a brand she named after herself.

    This may come as a surprise to many, but her interest in fashion started as an extension of her main line of work. "In the broadcasting business, you often have to record several shows at once, and one of the easiest ways to differentiate each episode is to change your wardrobe," she said. "Simply putting on a new hat or tie gives off a fresh impression. I was looking for clothes that I can wear comfortably anywhere and in any situation and I ended up making them myself."

    When asked if she misses her family in Virginia, Nam says her work has kept her too busy to feel lonely. "I'm doing a lot of different things, but they all involve meeting people and I think their energy rubs off on me." Asked if there's anything else she would like to do, she jokes she is looking for something that starts with the letter "D."

    "I think I'd like to try anything that starts with the first letter of my name," Nam said. "I'm a DJ and a designer and people say I even fly Delta when I travel," she said. "I'm just excited about new challenges and that's what keeps me going."

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