Politicians Shamelessly Ignore National Security

      April 05, 2012 13:07

      April 15 marks the centenary of Kim Il-sung, the founder of North Korea, and Pyongyang has triggered alarms around the world by announcing it will launch what it claims is a space rocket between April 12 to 16. North Korea could also conduct a nuclear test after the launch. The country that should be most alarmed by the latest developments is not the U.S. or China but South Korea.

      The space rocket is evidently a front for the test of a long-range missile that would be able to carry nuclear warheads. North Korea knows that the U.S. does not like its troops becoming potential targets of a nuclear attack. It is obvious that Pyongyang is using the nuclear threat as leverage in attempts to get Washington to reduce its troop levels in South Korea.

      But those in power in South Korea as well as those who are trying to get back into government here have nothing to say. Both the ruling Saenuri Party and main opposition Democratic United Party are interested only in blaming each other over an illegal surveillance scandal.

      It is embarrassing to watch these politicians pretend to be patriots and urge voters in the upcoming general elections to take ownership of their country's fate by casting their ballots. The U.S. has dispatched state-of-the-art radar systems to the region from their base in Hawaii in order to track the course of North Korea's rocket. The Japanese government has deployed ships armed with Patriot missiles in order to intercept it should it stray off course. But South Korean politicians are oblivious to the threat because they have become blinded by their lust for power.

      A 60-page manifesto by the Saenuri Party and a 400-page manifesto by the DUP bury their brief pledges to protect the nation's security at the end. But since the Constitution states that the role of the president is to "abide by the Constitution and protect the nation," politicians seeking to rise to the top office must place their utmost priority in protecting their country. The ruling and opposition parties appear to have no idea of this sense of duty.

      The Saenuri Party is refraining from criticizing North Korea for fear of being accused of using the threat to gain votes, while the DUP is simply burying its head in the sand since it dare not side with Washington in chiding Pyongyang and risk straining ties with its far-left political allies.

      National security is as essential as the air we breathe. Everything South Korea has built will crumble if its security is shaken. Can there be any other country in the world where people work so hard for their freedom and security but where politicians are as clueless?

      South Korean politicians are filled with a misplaced sense of shame that their country's independence was not gained by the strength of their own people but that it needed to depend on others to protect it. This is why so many draft-dodgers and tax delinquents strive to become lawmakers. Political parties in South Korea are not only opportunists but positively evil, because they instill that sense of defeatism in young Koreans who are the future of the country.

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