Unbowed (2011)

      January 27, 2012 11:32

      • Genres: Drama
      • Running Time: 100 min.
      • Directed by: Chung Ji-young
      • Starring: Ahn Sung-ki, Park Won-sang, Moon Sung-keun

      Synopsis: Kim Gyeong-ho, a professor at a university, gets deprived of his professorship after taking an issue with a math question that appeared on the university's entrance exam. He argues the question is wrong. Kim files a lawsuit against the university. But when the lawsuit is decided in favor of the university, Kim attempts to attack the residing judge over the case. He waits outside of the judge's apartment. When the judge appears he sees Kim walking towards him with a crossbow. They have a physical struggle, and an apartment security guard arrives. The judge tells the security guard to call the police and keeps a shot arrow as evidence. The media are whipped into a frenzy over the incident. Kim is arrested, but maintains that he did not shoot the judge, while the judge claims he was shot by an arrow.
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