Moon Chae-won Reveals Alluring Charms

      September 10, 2011 09:23

      The powerful emotions that emanate from her tender, fragile face are part of what gives 25-year-old actress Moon Chae-won that highly desirable yet difficult to categorize element which, in showbusiness, is more precious than gold: star quality.

      Recently, Moon has become hugely popular for her portrayal of a doomed lover in the KBS2 TV drama, "The Princess' Man."

      Although she was criticized for her poor acting ability in the early part of the drama, she was able to win over viewers with the way she performed in challenging scenes later on. Of particular note are the emotional scenes that show how her character remains faithful to her lover after he abandons her.

      Adding to her allure, her new movie, "Arrow - The Ultimate Weapon," has become a box office hit, drawing more than five million viewers.

      Moon Chae-won

      Regarding her popularity, she said, "I am away filming so often that I still haven't been able to feel it." "I have to rotate around more than 10 film sets every week, but I get energized when I hear about the ratings of my TV and film projects," she said.

      When asked if she was satisfied with her acting, Moon said, "No. I still wonder if I'm getting it right." She added, "I often ask myself, 'Is this it?' or 'Am I approaching it the best way?'"

      She said that, because of her busy schedule, she does not even get time to watch the TV soap to evaluate her own performances. But she aims to continue to challenge herself with tough new roles, she added.

      Many viewers see "The Princess' Man" as more or less a rehash of Romeo and Juliet, transposed to the Chosun Dynasty. "I wonder how many people these days will be able to love someone like that?" Moon asked. "If it was me, I would make sure I didn't get stuck in a situation like that."

      "But it's fun to play the role, and I think that having the freedom to pick and choose different lives is the best part of being an actress," Moon added.

      Acting, she says, is something she enjoys doing and wants to experience while she is still young. That is why she dropped out of college, where she majored in art, to pursue a career in acting.

      "I hope I can become the kind of actress who leaves a positive impression on viewers, and find the right balance between my career and personal life," she said.

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