Change Your Habits to Avoid Middle-Aged Spread

      June 18, 2011 09:05

      Many people get paunchy around the middle with advancing years, and too often modern dietary habits are heavy on fat and carbohydrates that tend to accumulate on the belly.

      Snacking between meals or eating late can also put inches on the stomach, as can constipation from a sedentary lifestyle.

      ◆ Bad Habits

      1. Eating meals at irregular times, skipping meals, and gorging on food.

      2. Favoring sweet, salty, and fatty food and fast food.

      3. Going on diets that limit you to just one type of food or not eating at all.

      4. Lack of exercise or low levels of physical activity.

      5. Stress and snacking to de-stress.

      6. Eating late.

      ◆ Good Habits

      1. Eating regularly, with the amount of food evenly distributed over three meals a day.

      2. Regular exercise that can relieve stress like dancing, yoga and hiking.

      3. No alcohol -- the finger foods that usually accompany high-calorie alcohol reduce the metabolic rate.

      4. No smoking -- cigarettes release cortisol that causes the accumulation of fat in the body.

      5. Wearing tight clothes that keep you aware of your bodyline at all times.

      6. Going to bed early before 11 p.m. to prevent eating at night.

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