Kang So-ra Soars to Stardom with 'Sunny'

      May 28, 2011 08:29

      "Sunny," the story of seven high school friends who rediscover the best moments of their life at a reunion 25 years later, has attracted over 2 million moviegoers in the two weeks since its release.

      Kang So-ra, who plays one of the heroines in the film and is the main driving force of the film's popularity, said, "The number of my Twitter followers, which was under 100, soared to over 600 on the release of the film, and most of them are women fans."

      Kang So-ra

      Kang believes it is the power of the characters that captivates viewers. "The credit goes to the characters that made the familiar story new. There are a dozen very strong female characters in the film, and none of them is overshadowed by the others."

      But Kang added that her role is very different from the reality. "Some people who watched the movie think I am good at martial arts, but I am not, so it was very difficult to shoot fight scenes. In fact, I rarely exercise, and I enjoy chatting with my friends in cafes and cooking at home," she said.

      It was Kang's second film. "My acting in my debut film '4th Period Mystery' was less than satisfactory. For this film I had more time to analyze the character and study the script, so that's why I got positive reviews." What type of role does she really want to play? "Because my career has been short, I am too ambitious to say I want to do this and that. I'll do anything I'm given, whatever genre. I want to be an actress who can play any character."

      What is her ultimate goal? "Directing. I've dreamed of becoming a director since high school as I loved plays and musicals. I went into acting by coincidence. I closely observe directors when I'm shooting a film, and it's a lot of hard work. So I was a bit intimidated, but I'd definitely like to do direct in the future."

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