We Need to Show N.Korea We Are Willing to Fight Back

      December 07, 2010 13:08

      The South Korean military began a weeklong live-fire drill off all three coasts of the country on Monday as North Korea continued to issue the customary threats of "all-out war." It appears that Kim Jong-il and his private army are enjoying threatening South Korea more than ever.

      The most effective way to prevent North Korea from behaving like this is to show that we are always ready to pounce on the North's weakest spot, which Kim fears the most. North Korea is certainly inferior in terms of conventional military might and the will to deliver a powerful counterattack would be far more effective than any North Korean provocation.

      The North's strategy has been aimed at driving U.S. troops out of the Korean Peninsula either through words or provocations. Former leader Kim Il-sung repeatedly said that Korean reunification led by the communist North could have been achieved if U.S. forces had not participated in the Korean War. He managed to survive a fierce bombing by U.S. planes during the Korean War because he had built several underground quarters anticipating such an attack. This is why pro-North Korean groups in South Korea are constantly demanding that U.S. troops leave. But North Korea must realize that further provocations only strengthen South Korea’s resolve to maintain the U.S. military presence.

      They say attack is the best defense. To counter North Korea's special forces, whose mission is to infiltrate deep into the South's territory to sabotage key installations and wreak havoc, South Korea needs forces that far outnumber the enemy's. But it must not be dragged around by North Korea's tactics. It needs to bolster the number of its own special forces who can sap the North's military resources.

      A regime like North Korea, which thoroughly insulates the public from information about the outside world to brainwash them is morbidly afraid of news from abroad, especially shedding light on the atrocities of the communist regime. This is why North Korea responds so hysterically to the threat of resumption of anti-communist propaganda broadcasts by South Korea. Seoul should resume psychological warfare.

      North Korea's belligerent behavior is aimed at striking fear into the hearts of South Koreans. The best way to punish such insane behavior is to show them that we are ready to respond despite some losses. And words must always be followed by action. Unless we show that we are willing to risk everything, we cannot hope for a better future.

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