Kim Jong-un Adopts Grandfather's Old Slogan

      December 07, 2010 08:04

      As part of an ongoing propaganda drive to establish North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's son Jong-un as his father's successor, the podgy youth has apparently adopted the old slogan "feed the people with rice and meat soup," according to the Yomiuri Shimbun on Monday.

      Quoting a source in China, the daily said Kim Jong-un rehearsed the slogan at a meeting in Pyongyang early last month. "We should restore the people's economy to the level of the 1960-1970s within three years to reach living standards whereby people can enjoy rice and meat soup and live in tile-roofed houses and wear silk clothes," the source quoted him as saying.

      The meeting was chaired by Jang Song-taek, Kim's powerful uncle and presumptive guardian, and attended by enterprise managers and economic experts.

      "Feeding people with rice and meat soup" was a favorite slogan of regime founder Kim Il-sung. Kim Jong-un repeated it in a bid to deliver a message that he will play a leadership role in economic reconstruction, the daily speculated.

      Since he was established as the heir in September, Kim junior has stressed improvement of people's lives, the daily added. "In the past, it was fine if we didn't have food as long as we had bullets. But now we must have food, but not necessarily bullets," he has been quoted as saying.

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