Hardline Israeli Paper Laments S.Korea's Response to Attack

      November 30, 2010 12:22

      A newspaper in Israel has condemned South Korea's response to North Korea's attack on Yeonpyeong Island as "the model we must strenuously avoid emulating." The rightwing Jerusalem Post, in an editorial titled "As Iran Watches Korea," on Saturday said, "Both North Korea and its Mideastern associates are testing the limits of world tolerance," and claimed, "Teheran and Damascus carefully monitor every nuance of Washington's response to Pyongyang's actions."

      Hardliners in Israel believe that Iran is hell-bent on a nuclear strike against the Jewish state. "North Korea is Iran's role model for bamboozling the U.S. and getting away with it," the editorial claimed. "Yet Washington, merely sending an aircraft carrier into the area, looks set to let Kim Jong-il continue to get away with quite a bit." It said South Korea "is a blackmailed nation, compelled to take it on the chin from its northern sister lest it inflame a dreadful -- perhaps nuclear -- confrontation."

      Apparently referring to the open secret of Israel's massive nuclear weapons arsenal, the editorial added, "Israel cannot afford a nuclear Iran, which would change the regional balance of power at a stroke, embolden Teheran to pursue its expansionist ambitions and impose South Korean-style constraints upon our self-defense."

      "Winning the face-off against Iran requires intensified U.S.-led international sanctions, backed by a credible threat of military action; the more credible that threat, the less likely it would have to be realized," the editorial said. "Similar U.S.-led [resolve] in the case of North Korea would send an important signal to Iran."

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