The 5 Korean Beauties of the Asian Games

      November 17, 2010 07:34

      The 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou have put the spotlight not only on medal-winning athletes but also the so-called "five beauties" of the Korean national squad. The five women all have some things in common -- they are top in their respective field in Asia, they are beautiful, and their tenacity carries them through hard training.

      ◆ Son Yeon-jae, Gymnast

      The 16-year-old rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae's looks have made her many fans with her small face, round eyes, and huge smile revealing perfect white teeth. Pictures of her from a fashion magazine have recently gone viral on the Internet. Despite her fragile figure of 165 cm in height and 42 kg in weight, Son has competitiveness that is not easily matched.

      Moon Dae-hoon of Son's management agency IB Sports said, "She has great self-control. In order to manage her weight, she skips dinner for three months prior to a competition. When she trains, she leaves everything behind, even computer and cell phone. She's like a child normally, but when she's in training or in competition, she exudes this aura that makes her a real presence."

      ◆ Cha Yu-ram, Billiard Player

      Pool player Cha Yu-ram's dark eyebrows, distinct facial features, and intense eyes resemble those of a sexy movie star. The 23-year-old pool professional is well aware of her reputation. "I would like to be recognized for my skill as a pool player, not for my looks," she often says.

      Kim Yeon-jin, a dermatologist, says, "Cha's dark, well-shaped eyebrows are attractive. Dark eyebrows give you a sexy look. An oriental face with big eyes and pale skin all add to her charm."

      From left, Son Yeon-jae, Cha Yu-ram, Lee Seul-a, Jeong Da-rae, Han Song-yi

      ◆ Lee Seul-a, Baduk Player

      Lee Seul-a, the 19-year-old baduk or go player, has a plump milky face with eyes slightly slanting downward and single eyelids. Baduk players are known as masters of mind control, and this definitely shows in Lee.

      Despite her sudden celebrity status, Lee remains calm. Instead of choosing the normal path of going to university after high school, Lee early on decided to bet her life on baduk. She is focused and bold.

      ◆ Jeong Da-rae, Swimmer

      The 19-year-old swimmer Jeong Da-rae is known for her firm confidence because she does not care much about what other people think and pursues what she feels is right for her.

      Song Jin-kyung, a plastic surgeon, explains the reason behind her popularity. "Jeong is tall and slender, yet she has a very young-looking face. This paradoxical combination is what makes her appeal to the public."

      ◆ Han Song-yi, Volleyball Player

      Volleyball player Han Song-yi, 186 cm tall, has formidable back row attack skills. Her small face and sleek yet athletic body make her look like a supermodel. Since her professional debut in 2002, she and her older sister Han Yoo-mi have been dubbed the "beauty sisters" of the court.

      Han suffered a slump after an operation on her ankle and injury to her thigh in 2008 but is still a force to be reckoned with.

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