N.Korea's Stealth Warfare Manual Revealed

      August 23, 2010 09:23

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      The North Korean military has developed various kinds of camouflage materials like stealth paint and set up fake facilities and equipment to cheat state-of-the-art reconnaissance satellites and aircraft, a confidential field manual obtained exclusively by the Chosun Ilbo shows.

      The manual was smuggled out of the North by a source through a Christian organization called Caleb Mission.

      So far information about the North Korean military's camouflage tactics trickled out only piecemeal through testimonies of North Korean defectors, but this is the first time a confidential military field manual with details has been revealed.

      The manual, printed in 2005, quotes leader Kim Jong-il as saying, "As I've said several times, modern warfare is stealth warfare. We can say that victory or defeat will be determined by how we carry out stealth warfare."

      The 80-odd-page booklet gives detailed instructions on how to make and apply stealth paint that absorbs radar waves and build various kinds of fake facilities, such as command posts, foxholes, runways, fighter jet and naval bases, and cave strongholds.

      The manual also describes how to conceal real facilities or equipment and to make military units look as though they are moving when they are not to deceive South Korean and U.S. reconnaissance.

      A South Korean intelligence expert who reviewed the manual said, "I was surprised to find that the North Korean military has done more intensive and careful research into stealth tactics than we thought. This is a useful piece of information that will be of great help to our military stepping up preparedness against the North."

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