KAL Bomber Believes Kim Jong-il Ordered Cheonan Sinking

      June 23, 2010 05:11

      Kim Hyun-hee (file photo)

      The surviving bomber of Korean Air flight 858 is convinced that North Korean leader Kim Jong-il gave orders to sink the South Korean Navy corvette Cheonan in March. Kim Hyun-hee, now rehabilitated and living in the South, was speaking to the Monthly Chosun.

      "To those who still claim that the result of the investigation was fabricated, the truth doesn't matter. Rather, they're afraid of the truth that North Korea did it, and they just don't like it." She pointed out that the North still denies its involvement in the bombing of the Korean Air flight 858. "North Korea still claims that I'm a liar and tries to destroy evidence. It thinks constantly denying something will make it go away. The Cheonan sinking made me realize that North Korean strategy hasn't changed."

      "When I first heard of the news of the Cheonan Incident, I felt that it was highly probable that North Korea did it, although I was not 100 percent sure," she said.

      "Even 23 years ago, I heard that North Korea chose the moment of bombing the KAL flight when the plane was over the ocean to destroy the evidence completely," she said. "Trying to drop the plane into the deep sea to erase all the traces, and trying to destroy all the evidence by attacking a submarine with a torpedo... It's all the same."

      Kim also said it is impossible that the sinking took place without orders from North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. "No big incidents like this can happen without informing Kim Jong-il. Although the planning and preparation would have been done by the military, final confirmation must come from Kim. We should send a clear, strong message that if North Korea commits such provocative terrorism, it will hurt the leadership in the North. We should take hardline policy against terrorists to prevent these things from happening again."

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