N.Korea's Madness Must Be Stopped

      April 27, 2010 13:17

      North Korean leader Kim Jong-il watched a massive drill marking the 78th anniversary of the North Korean Army on Sunday and said it "has grown into a strong army fortified with an unchangeable determination to guard the leader and to become bombs and blow themselves up." The North Korean military showed off long-range artillery capable of hitting Seoul. Gen. Ri Yong-ho, the current chief of the North Korean Army's General Staff, vowed to "use all means, including nuclear deterrents," if South Korea and the U.S. "encroach even 0.001 mm into North Korean territory.

      How can the leader of a country even think of uttering such crass nonsense? Only Kim Jong-il can say such things without flinching. That is the nature of North Korea, a sponsor of terrorism, and that is the true face of its leader. A madman issues mad orders, which his mad vassals put into action. But Kim's comments cannot be dismissed merely as the comments of a lunatic, because he believes his country's strength lies precisely in such actions.

      Gen. Kim Myong-guk (70), a high-ranking official in charge of military operations under the People's Armed Forces, was demoted from a four-star to a three-star general after North Korea's defeat in a naval skirmish near Daecheong Island in the West Sea in November last year but is said to have been promoted back to his four-star status to coincide with the blast that sank the South Korean Navy corvette Cheonan. In February this year, the North Korean leader appointed Gen. Kim Kyok-sik, former chief of staff of the People's Army, to oversea naval operations in the West Sea. Former South Korean President Chun Doo-hwan said the terror bombing at the Aung San Cemetery in Burma in 1983 was ordered by Kim Jong-il and Kim Kyok-sik was the chief planner. Experts say the North Korean leader positioned top officials so that his military could achieve a victory in the West Sea at any cost.

      South Korea must come up with ways to deal with the antics of this cretin. Kim Jong-il must be made to realize that his actions will lead to the collapse of his regime and an attack against the South will trigger a massive response. He must also understand that even a normal country and an ordinary public can become a fearsome force if pushed to the limit.

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