Rain Returns as a Killer in New Hollywood Movie

      November 14, 2009 08:25


      Jeong Ji-hoon, better known as Rain, has reunited with producers Joel Silver, Andy Wachowski and Larry Wachowski for the Hollywood martial arts movie "Ninja Assassin."

      How did he endure the rigorous training? "There were many times when I wanted to quit during the eight months of shooting because it was so painful, but there were three reasons why I couldn't," he told reporters Tuesday. "First of all, I promised to my fans four years ago that I will do a film that can compete in the global market. Secondly, it had to do with my self-esteem. Trainers were teasing me, saying they had trained Brad Pitt and Matt Damon and I was the worst one. I wondered how well they did, and did my best, watching Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan's movies. Lastly, I read distorted articles about me every morning, and wanted to prove them wrong." 

      Rain said he did over 90 percent of stunts in the film himself. "I thought I could die. I worked that hard," he said. "I had to lose all of body fat in order to make my body light. I didn't break anything during the shooting, but I had a lot of cuts here and there."

      His first Hollywood movie "Speed Racer," where he played a supporting role, was a flop, but Rain thinks it was nevertheless a worthwhile experience. "The movie helped me make my name known in Hollywood and, I think, I was also able to land the lead in 'Ninja Assassin' thanks to it," he said. "I anticipate a box office success with this movie, and if it succeeds, I believe that it will open doors for other Korean and Asian actors."

      Asked about the graphic violence throughout the film, Rain said, "Of course it's not a movie for the whole family, but action fans will really love this."

      The Wachowskis told him to forget about the pop star status and the man Jeong Ji-hoon. "You are a killer," they said. He said he actually lived like a killer for those eight months. "Now the shoot has ended, I still feel like I have to fight, and when the film gets released, I think I'll have a lot of new male fans. I also think a lot of women fans will be able to relieve stress watching the film."

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