Times Reflects on Koguryo Dispute

      October 07, 2009 11:21

      The Times of London suggests Chinese attempts to co-opt the ancient Koguryo kingdom are "as if King Arthur's Camelot was sudden claimed by the Germans." The Times on Monday ran an article describing Korean-Chinese disagreements over the kingdom that ended 1,300 years ago.

      "In 2003, China's state media began referring to Koguryo as part of China," the Times reported, which has "dragged both North and South Korea into a bitter and simmering dispute with the region's most powerful country."

      "Established in 37BC, in what is now northern Korea and southern Manchuria, the Koguryo period is regarded by Koreans as a golden age. It produced distinguished scholars and Buddhist divines; the modern name of Korea ultimately derives from Koguryo," the Times wrote.

      The daily reports that the "north-east Asian history war" resurfaced again last week after Chinese academics held a ceremony to mark the discovery of a previously unknown eastern portion of the Great Wall in Dandong, close to the North Korean border and running deep into what would have been Koguryo territory.

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