Han Sung-joo Speaks Out About Traumatic Divorce

Han Sung-joo Han Sung-joo

Miss Korea 1994 and former SBS announcer Han Sung-joo has spoken openly about the difficulties she went through after her divorce.

On the SBS "Late Night Show" on Monday, Han said, "There were so many things that I didn't get to do just because I was a divorcee. I was shunned for the same reason. Things were harsh."

But despite painful memories of her divorce, she says she desperately hopes to meet somebody soon and get married again.

A graduate of Korea University, Han won the Miss Korea beauty pageant in 1994. She married the third son of AeKyung cosmetics and detergent conglomerate chairwoman Chang Young-shin in 1999 but divorced just 10 months later.

Despite the emotional blow, Han said she wants to show a better, more confident side of herself in the media.

englishnews@chosun.com / Jul. 15, 2009 07:43 KST