Air Force Ready to Deploy F-15Ks If Provoked

      June 04, 2009 09:32

      The Air Force on Wednesday said it is ready immediately to deploy the new F-15K fighter jets if the North Korean Army carries out any provocations along the de facto maritime border or elsewhere. "If North Korea carries out armed provocations along the Northern Limit Line or other areas, the Air Force is ready to respond promptly and strongly, deploying F-15Ks to bear the brunt," it said in a press release.

      This would permit precision strikes with missiles or joint direct attack munition (JDAM) bombs if the North attacks South Korean naval ships with coastal artillery or surface-to-ship missiles.

      F-15Ks are armed with air-to-surface missiles that can penetrate a 1.2 m-thick iron-reinforced concrete protective wall and strike a target up to 280 km away within a 3 m diameter margin of error.

      The Air Force said it was preparing against provocations by mobilizing the KF-16, F-4 and F-5 fighters, anti-aircraft weapons such as Patriot, Hawk and Nike missiles, and all kinds of intelligence assets.

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