Famous Actor Threatens Lee Hoi-chang With Beating

Actor Baek Il-seob Actor Baek Il-seob

The prominent actor Baek Il-seob has directed threatening remarks at the twice-defeated presidential candidate Lee Hoi-chang. Baek, a supporter of the official Grand National Party candidate Lee Myung-bak, made the remarks at a rally denouncing Lee Hoi-chang's late entry into the race, which is feared to split the conservative vote, at the GNP building in Yeomchang-dong, Seoul on Tuesday.

¡°Lee Hoi-chang deserves beating to a pulp for what he is doing now,¡± Baek said. ¡°He shouldn¡¯t go out at night unless he wants to be beaten up..." Lee Hoi chang ¡°was a judge and GNP chairman and ran for president twice. How can he do such a thing?"

Lee Hoi-chang spokesman Cho Yong-nam denounced the attack. "The fact that Mr. Baek uttered such wild words at a formal GNP event makes us question if Korea really is governed by laws. We are asking the GNP to make it clear if it has declared a war against candidate Lee Hoi-chang and is ready to launch a terrorist attack on him."

Meanwhile, Lee Hoi-chang was struck by an egg thrown by a citizen at Seomun Market in Daegu on Tuesday. Earlier, a man was arrested for threatening the septuagenarian with an air rifle.

englishnews@chosun.com / 11¿ù 15, 2007 09:05 KST