Allegations Fly in Star Couple’s Ugly Breakup

    January 03, 2007 11:20

    The very public breakup of the actor couple Lee Min-young and Lee Chan continues to make headlines as both sides revealed more grubby detail of their 12-day marriage in press conferences on Monday and Tuesday. On the Internet, discussion boards are brimful with demands for police to investigate the accusations of domestic violence and other helpful comments.

    Lee Chan (left) during a press conference on Tuesday, and Lee Min-young in her hospital bed in Seoul the same day./Yonhap

    On Tuesday, Lee Min-young spoke to reporters from her hospital bed for 20 minutes, having undergone reconstructive surgery on her nose. The actress alleged she miscarried after being kicked in the stomach by Lee Chan, who had beaten her several times even before their marriage. Lee said she believed he would become a different man after marriage but was bitterly disappointed. At his own press conference the same evening, Lee Chan denied the accusations. He admitted he and his wife slapped each other’s faces several times. But he said he had never beaten or kicked her unprovoked. Lee Min-young plans to bring charges against her ex-husband.

    The two actors’ stories differ widely. Min-young told reporters Lee Chan hit her on the head and face dozens of times and drove their car while clutching her hair in his hand. According to the actress, Lee Chan then kicked her in the stomach and dumped her in the street. Lee Chan admits hitting her during an argument in the car but said he neither dragged her nor kicked her in the stomach, causing the miscarriage. In an e-mail on Monday, he said he slapped his wife when she said, “You’ve only become famous thanks to me” during a quarrel. He said she slapped him back, and so it went back and forth seven or eight times.

    However, Lee Min-young said trifling arguments always ended in violent behavior by Lee Chan, even before they married. According to her lawyer, the actress started bleeding in the womb after being beaten by Lee Chan and was told by doctors that the fetus had died on Dec. 20. She underwent surgery next day. Lee Chan says the allegation that he kicked her in the stomach was "a complete lie." In an e-mail, he said Lee Min-young called him on Dec. 21, two days after the violent incident, to tell him she was going to have surgery at 1 p.m., and hung up.

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