The Season's Great Movie Kisses

    November 15, 2006 07:36

    Fall is closing in, and with it comes the time for bittersweet melodrama in the movie theaters. Lovers meet like ships passing in the night, unforgettable memories are born, tear-moistened hankies freeze stiff in the midnight air. Some say a romantic film stands and falls with the quality of the screen-filling kiss. Actors know it and go to extreme lengths to create the world’s most beautiful kiss scene. The Chosun Ilbo looks at the outstanding kisses of the season.

    I'm a Cyborg, But That's Okay”

    Lim Soo-jung and Rain

    Although the Dec. 7 release of the film is still a few weeks away, the buzz surrounding it has already reached full pitch. The new film from Director Park Chan-wook, who ended his revenge trilogy with his last release, has garnered audience anticipation again by pitting all-Asian star Rain against Chungmuro’s treasure Lim Soo-jung. So much cuteness combined must set the screen on fire.

    The funniest moment in film is when the two stars kiss. Park Chan-wook has said that he hates male-female “contact.” The film professes to be a kind-of romantic comedy, but there was no kiss scene. At one point the stars became upset. “I met up with Rain and we put our heads together. We discussed how there could be a romantic comedy that doesn’t even have a kiss scene,” Lim recalls. It was in fact a mutiny, but that is what it took to get the director to give in and finally give the go-ahead to the scene. But when shooting finally did begin on the scene, the sword of authority was back in the director’s hands.

    In what seemed to be a response to the actors’ insistence, Park regularly yelled, “Make it stronger.” “The problem was not tuning up the levels right. The director wanted it devouringly strong,” Rain said. “Lim’s dentures should have been changed…” (The two characters engage in a kiss that ends up with their false teeth falling into the other’s mouth.) “Anyway you can confirm it for yourself in the movie,” the reverberations of the moment are still there. This is like no other kiss in the movies. But the kiss meant nothing more than a charge for Lim’s character, who thinks she is a cyborg.”

    Seducing Mr. Robin

    Daniel Henny and Uhm Jung-hwa

    In the movie “Seducing Mr. Robin,” Daniel Henny and Uhm Jung-hwa share a steamy kiss. The movie’s teaser draws people’s attention with the unique kiss scene to swelling background music. Particularly among women Internet users, a variety of reactions have already flooded in. “I am really jealous of them,” one said. “I was so surprised,” said another. “It’s too much.”

    Having just finished a seasoned chicken meal before the shoot, the duo finished the scene in only two takes. The movie is a romantic comedy where Uhm works on the project of seducing Daniel, who has no faith in love but is a magnificent catch. The film hits theaters next month.


    Kim Ji-su and Han Suk-kyu

    Following the kiss scene with Yoo Ji-tae in “Traces of Love,” Kim Ji-su is part of another steamer, “Solace,” that will be released on Nov. 30. To complete the second love, she kisses Han Suk-kyu. Even though neither of them is short of skills in melodrama, ahead of the kiss scene tension was palpable on set. Since it had to be a surprise kiss, the key was for Han to spin Kim around in a commanding way. But in the shoot, Han had a hard time controlling his strength and was unable to pull her around in the right manner. It took scores of trial and error for the duo to finally get it just right. The movie is released on Nov 30.

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