Han Ye-seul Wins Over Detractors as Amnesiac Heiress

The character played by Han Ye-sul (24) in the MBC drama ¡°Couple of Fantasy¡± is a kind of Korean Paris Hilton, and her catchphrase ¡°Look at you¡¦¡± is on everybody¡¯s lips. An audacious heiress, Ana Jo becomes a comic character with disordered hair and cheap clothes after losing her memory due to an accident. Han¡¯s popularity is soaring thanks to the attractive qualities she brings to the role of a haughty rich girl brought low.

¡°Aren¡¯t they cute? I mean Netizens. They say I was such an unattractive character but suddenly became so charming. Those anti-fans¡¦ They suddenly became big fans,¡± Han laughs. Her clothes are unflattering, but they can¡¯t hide her beautiful chiseled face. ¡°I am a completely different person from Ana Jo. In fact, I think I¡¯m lovely, delicate and rarely get angry.¡± Han says she never expected she would become this popular. ¡°When I decided to play a character like Ana Jo, who is arrogant and haughty, I was ready for any criticism from viewers, but instead I¡¯m getting very friendly responses and I was really surprised,¡± she says. ¡°When I see how popular characters like Ana Jo are, I realize that Korea is changing fast. The public is becoming more open-minded. It¡¯s cool. Such a mindset is important for us to develop, isn¡¯t it?¡± She has a tendency to answer a question with another question.

Han made her debut in entertainment when she won a super model contest. She became a star thanks to the rude and bizarre role she played in another MBC drama, ¡°Non Stop,¡± in 2004. Recently she spent a year off with her family in the U.S. ¡°The reason why I had so many detractors was that I became a star so fast. Our citizens have a strong sense of justice.¡± Isn¡¯t she afraid of spoiling her image by playing such a role? She is breaking down barriers step by step as Ana Jo. ¡°I¡¯ve been a star rather than an actress, and that¡¯s no good. Stars have an inflated image and a short lifespan. I want to be more passionate about my job and build my career so that I can act for a long time.¡±

Complimented that her acting has greatly improved, she giggles and covers her mouth. ¡°Really? It¡¯s so nice to hear that. I think I¡¯m very lucky.¡± She speaks English fluently and wants to enter the U.S. market too. Asked if she wants to follow in the footsteps of Kim Yun-jin, who is a star thanks to her part in the ABC hit series ¡°Lost,¡± she is quick to respond. ¡°It¡¯s so childish to say I want to do better than someone else.¡± Does she have a role model? ¡°There are so many excellent actors and actresses out there¡¦My job is acting, but I don¡¯t like watching dramas or movies, so I can¡¯t answer your question. It¡¯s ironic, isn¡¯t it?¡±

englishnews@chosun.com / 10¿ù 28, 2006 09:55 KST