Ordinary Man Hits the Big Time

The soaring popularity of actor Lee Moon-sik is proven by the number of movies in which he recently appeared. He was the lead in ¡°Mapado¡± released last spring, ¡°Detective Mr. Gong¡± and ¡°Troublesomes.¡± He even played the male lead in a TV melodrama, ¡°The 101st Proposal,¡± for the first time in his life.

His latest production is the movie ¡°Fly, Daddy, Fly,¡± in which he plays a timid father who learns to box so he can avenge his daughter. ¡°My second son was born on the day shooting for the film started,¡± Lee says. ¡°The movie is about paternity. But I¡¯m a negligent father who can¡¯t go home regularly.¡± He lost 12 kg and developed his six-pack for the role. Viewers will understand how much physical pain he suffered when they see him racing a bus and observe his desperate match against a high school champion.

His appeal comes from his ordinary looks and natural, innocent smile. Born in a remote village in Sunchang, North Jeolla Province that only got electricity when he was a sixth grade, the countryman is now a national star. In response to the barbed remark that he seems to capitalize excessively on his image as an ordinary man, he takes a key ring out of his pocket, a gift from his fans. On it are engraved the words (don¡¯t forget) ¡°the initial intentions.¡±

englishnews@chosun.com / 8¿ù 04, 2006 16:30 KST