Matching Scents for Sultry Days

      June 29, 2005 17:46

      Scent, which has the power to move people's mind (according to Patrick Suskind's "Perfume"), can also have the reverse effect if you don't choose the right one.

      What's more, if you misuse perfume during the summer, the mixture of sweat and fragrance can end up producing a nasty odor. Let's find out what kind of perfume matches your image and how to make the scent last.

      ◆ Perfume That Matches Your Style

      If you aspire to look at least a year younger, you should try citrus scents like grapefruit and lemon, or anything in the fruit line. The scent of fruit adds freshness, and since that sweetens your looks, try dressing up as "kidult." But if you want to be seen as a professional career woman, try the cool aqua marine scent or rich Aldehydes. They accentuate urban flair, so long as you don't use too much. Bear in mind that there are many in Korea who are allergic to perfume.

      For a sporty and cheerful image, a faint green floral scent is a good match. To accentuate mature looks, try wearing Chypre or Oriental to project a sexy and poised image. For outings or partying, a light floral scent is recommended. If you prefer unisex to a girlish air, try aqua marine or woody notes.

      ◆ How to Use Perfume During the Summer

      In the rainy and sultry seasons, perfume should be handled with care. Use half the amount of perfume you are used to during the rainy season. Fragrance doesn't diffuse as easily if the air is very humid, so the scent lasts longer. Lightly dab on citrus scent in the humid atmosphere.

      On scorching hot days, it's better to spray perfume on your hair or clothes than directly on your skin. Never spray it in your armpit to mask the smell: perfume mixed with sweat makes the smell worse. To get rid of the smell, use deodorant.

      Since scent moves upwards, scent lasts longer if you wear it on lower half of your body. Try scented soap, body cleanser or body lotion as alternatives to perfume. Put on body products 30 minutes before you go out. You would be surprised how effective one or two drops of old perfume can be when washing your hair or rinsing clothes.

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