Suspected Serial Killer Charges Court Bench

    September 21, 2004 20:22

    Suspected serial murderer Yoo Young-chul

    Angry at a bench order to appear at the next trial, serial killer Yoo Young-chul jumped over the defendant’s seat and ran to the bench. Prison officers and court guards barely hampered his attempt. Yoo was arrested and indicted on charges of killing innocent women and elderly people.

    At the end of the second trial on Tuesday, Yoo said, “I don’t believe the judges. I will not appear at the next trial.” In response, the bench said, “It is up to the defendant to decide whether or not he believes the judges. But the defendant is supposed to appear at the trial and you'd better think about it again.”

    Yoo shouted, “You force me to appear at the next trial. I’m not saying that I will think about it again, but I’m saying that I will not appear next time.” And then, he jumped over his seat and ran toward the judges’ seat. He jumped onto the desk of a court employee to climb to the bench. But he slipped and fell. At that time, 20 court guard and prison officers ran over to catch Yoo.

    Three judges, court employees and spectators were in the court, but no one was injured. It was an awful moment, however, because weapons like a hammer, shovel and cuffs were presented as evidence items in front of the prosecutor’s seat. Without being shackled or bound with a rope, Yoo was just cuffed and his hand and feet were relatively free. Prior to this incident, when he was arrested, Yoo attempted to unfasten his handcuffs and run away.

    A court official who witnessed the commotion said, “Yoo sent a regret letter to the families of the victims in which he said that he’d like to be born as a clergyman and serve people in a next life. But this incident demonstrates that the letter is false.”

    Yoo said, “I didn’t kill 21 people, but 31 people. I could confess to other cases in addition to the charges on which prosecutors have indicted me. Among the people I killed, six bodies don’t have some internal organs. I have a bronchus disease, so, I asked the people their blood type. If their blood was type O, I ate their internal organs. After I read oriental medicine books, I also ate other organs out of curiosity.” In relation to mutilation murder cases, Yoo said, “At first, I ground the bodies in a mill, but I gradually felt it was unnecessary. I was scared of chopping bodies in silence, so I worked while listening to music.

    Yoo said, “On the day I was arrested, I let two women go home because they were tall. If they weren’t tall, they would have been killed. I cruelly cut off faces, hips and genitals of the women who had the same name as my ex-girl friend who I lived with and left me.”

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