Prosecutors Begin Investigation of Serial Killer

      July 26, 2004 19:17

      On Monday, the Seoul District Public Prosecutor's Office began detailed investigations of Yoo Young-chul, who is charged with murdering approximately twenty wealthy elderly people and women. Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency handed Yoo's case over to the Seoul District Public Prosecutor's Office.

      The SDPPO plans to examine Yoo to obtain evidence and discover motives and possibly more victims by Aug. 20, the indictment date. The office called four public prosecutors including high-ranking prosecutors Lee Seung-young and Lee Kun-suk. All six public prosecutors of the 3rd Criminal Circuit could be added to finish off the investigation according to the situation.

      The office is taking much care to ensure the security of the investigation, like holding it behind iron doors in the joint investigation room on the 10th floor of SDPPO building rather than the criminal investigation room open to outsiders.

      Taking into consideration that Yoo might commit suicide or injure himself, two prison officers will take a seat alongside Yoo during the entire investigation plus another prison officer that will keep the door shut outside of the room.

      In addition, a public doctor will also be ready in the next room in case Yoo has a seizure. An investigative official said, "This investigation will be concentrated on gaining more evidence on the victims and for prosecution rather than obtaining confession."

      On another note, during the delivery of Yoo to the Seoul District Public Prosecutor's Office, an emotional family member of one of Yoo's victims ran over to him, but police officers kicked her in the chest causing her to fall down steps.

      As Yoo made an appearance to the public while he was leaving, the mother of the Imun-dong victim, known as Miss Jeon, ran over to him breaking the police line, saying, "I am the mother of the Imun-dong victim. My daughter would not be dead if you guys had captured that man earlier." When the fifty-year-old mother sprang, a policemen who was part of a fence around Yoo kicked her in the chest where she eventually fell on the floor, making a loud noise.

      The police explained that "At that time, the officer was holding Yoo with both hands, and when the woman came running out from the photographer line, he used his feet to restrain her. He did not intend to inflict violence."

      However, even after the elucidation, the policeman's "kick" is receiving continuous criticism from Internet users. An Internet user wrote a message on a board of a portal site saying, "It does not make sense to kick the mother of the victim to protect a murderer." The user added, "I deeply feel sorry for the mother because the police failed to console her during her misfortune. On top of that, they kicked her."

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