Sasser Worm Wreaking Havoc on Computers

      May 03, 2004 19:21

      The new Sasser computer virus is being spreading at the fastest speed ever and is leaving beind great damage. Sasser is a new type of computer worm that appeared this year, which can infect computers that are simply connected to the Internet.

      A worm is a type of a computer virus and a malignant program that can reproduce itself in another computer through the Internet.

      Ahn Lab announced Monday that it had received reports of 266 cases by 4:00 p.m. that day, which is five times the number of reports when the Mydoom virus left a trail of destruction ealier this year. Sasser damage is continuing in the private, corporate and public sectors.

      One of the largest general hospitals in Korea, Asan Medical Center is keeping the patients’ medical records by hand beginning Monday morning because the computers are incapable of functioning. The electronic network of the hospital, where there are over 5,000 visits from outpatients a day, was paralyzed and patients had to endure the delays. Two thirds of the computers within the Lotte Group have been repeatedly shut down since early afternoon and employees were tied up because access to the Internet was impossible. With more than 2 million visitors to the Ahn Lab today, which is four times the visitors of usual days, the lab reorganized the website temporarily and provided information about the Sasser virus.

      If infected by the Sasser worm, which misuses the weak point in security that Microsoft announced last month, symptoms like slower speeds, automatic shut down, and cut off to Internet access appears. MS is distributing complementary programs from its website ( where the damages can be prevented by installing the programs. The already infected computers should be treated with vaccine programs and complementary programs should be installed afterwards in order to prevent them from being infected again.

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