Court Wedding Reenacted at Unhyeon Palace

      April 19, 2004 14:11

      A royal court wedding ceremony between Korea's last Emperor Gojong and Empress Myeongsung was reenacted over the weekend at the courtyard of Unhyeon Palace in downtown Seoul.

      The event offered visitors a rare glimpse of how the royals tied the knot in the Joseon Dynasty.

      The Joseon Dynasty of 1865 was when the last royal marriage took place, on a warm, sunny April weekend.

      Bringing history back to life is the purpose of this court wedding ceremony of Emperor Gojong and Empress Myeongseong at Unhyeon Palace in Seoul.

      After passing a series of grueling tests of table manners and gracefulness just to name a few, these finalists received the honor of taking on the royal acts.

      Marrage ritual of Emperor Gojong and Queen Myeongseong (a.k.a. Queen Min) is re-enacted Friday at Unhyeongung(Palace) to show citizens the historic meaning of the place, courtesy of Seoul City./ Yonhap

      "I think this is a great opportunity to experience firsthand our country's traditional ways."

      "I'm really happy to be taking on this role. But I wonder how kings in the past managed to wear the royal attire. It's so heavy."

      With more than 120 participants donning traditional court costumes the ceremony offered visitors from both home and abroad a rare chance to witness a part of Korea's history in a manner close to its original form.

      "It was wonderful. The costumes were so colorful and I'm amazed at the poise of the young ladies and the men that participated. I'm not sure how long they had to practice but it must have been extensive because they did a beautiful job."

      "We also enjoyed the fact that so many of the Korean people are interested in their own culture and their own history. That was very enjoyable also."

      The royal wedding reenactment of Korea's last emperor and empress is among the biggest of some 80 such events held at Unhyeon Palace put on stage twice every year in April and October.

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