Netian Proposes Preview of 'Comfort Women Nude' Video, Photos

      February 18, 2004 14:50

      In connection with her recent "comfort women-themed nude photo-taking," actress Lee Seung-yeon kneels down to apologize to former comfort women at "The House of Sharing," a residence for former comfort women, in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province on Tuesday morning.

      Netian Entertainment, the producers of Lee Seung-yeon's controversial "comfort women-themed" nude video project, has proposed a preview of the first series of footage shot on the Pacific Island of Palau.

      The fate of that footage is the final point of contention between Lee and Netian on one side and those opposed to the project on the other.

      Netian said it would like to hold a preview screening for about 100 people, including representatives of civic groups connected to the "comfort women," distinguished personalities, and the general public, so that the first series of footage can receive impartial and proper evaluation. If the company's "sincere intentions" were not recognized at that preview, said Netian, it would publically destroy the originals of all the photos and film right in front of those attending the preview.

      In addition, the company said, "If, through the preview, our sincere intentions are recognized, we will use all the profits made through this project to help the former 'comfort women.'" It said that neither the date nor the place of the showing has been set, and those would be decided after gauging public opinion.

      About this, the Korean Council for Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan said, "The project itself is being condemned for commercially using a painful historical problem, so why are they constantly trying to deny what it is?" It also said that while the group will discuss the company's offer, what it wants in the end is a legally-binding memorandum to destroy the video and photos. "If they don't give us such a memorandum, this problem will never end," the council said. Just when things were settling down, Netian's proposal has started things back up again.

      It seems like the company's constant delays in destroying the footage are because the company fears serious finacial losses. Netian has been pleading that the project is not commercial, and one can see the company's pure intentions by watching the video and looking at the photos, but Korean Internet users have yet to be convinced. Quite the contrary, users are condemning Netian for being defensive and failing to realize just what they've done.

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