Seo Tai-ji Returns to Korea

      January 26, 2004 16:17

      Seo Tai-ji held a press conference Sunday afternoon after returning to Korea, bringing with him his seventh album. Just prior to the press conference, Seo, who plans to continue his music career in Japan, released a number of songs from his new album; like his previous "Ultramania" album, heavy metal serves as the basis of his work, but without the hardcore bent. The melodies were simpler, more pop-rock.

      "Since I'm very curious to begin with, there are many kinds of music I want to try. The new music is 'sensitive-core,' which is hardcore that stresses the melodies," Seo said. "I wanted to bring out the sensitive side, and in particular, I expressed people's pain."

      Seo Tai-ji

      Concerning rumors that he might reform his old group, Seo Tai-ji & Boys, he said during the press conference that rather than getting back together, they might hold a reunion performance in order to relive some of their great memories with their fans. He said that since it would be impossible to create the same feelings even if they got back together, a group reunion was out of the question.

      About giving up his permanent residency in the United States, Seo said his decision was not made based on his opposition to U.S. Embassy construction work in the area formally occupied by the Deoksu-gung Palace, but because he felt he no longer needed it after working a long time in Japan.

      He said that he would also actively consider broadcast activities. He said he considers live broadcasts to be too difficult, but since this album is more natural than his previous work, a live program might work. Asked about his recent granting of permission for documentary filmmaker to chronicle his life, Seo said that in addition to singing, he wanted to show people his image.

      Twelve songs on his new album touch on a number of social topics, such as sexual discrimination, the music industry, and stalkers. In particular, Seo said his song "f.m. business," which lampoons Korea's highly commercial music industry, that it expressed his frustration with having to return to a dirty business that he left because of his doubts about it. His new album will hit the record shelves on Tuesday, and on Thursday, he is holding a joint performance with two American bands, "Korn" and "Fear Factory."

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