'Singles' Actress Wins Doubles

Actress Jang Jin-young seemed at a loss for words when her name rang out as the winner of this year¡¯s Best Actress award at the 24th Blue Dragon Film Awards on Friday.

¡°Is it me? Oh my gosh. What am I going to do? Is it really me? I won the prize?¡± she kept asking.

Jang previously won the Best Actress award in 2001 for her role in the film ¡°Sorum,¡± making her the second actress in Korean history to win the prize twice, following Kim Hye-su. During the festival, she also received the Popular Star award.

The actress landed the prize for her performance in the film, ¡°Singles.¡± In the movie, she played a 29-year old woman who got dumped by her boyfriend and was demoted at work. The character was originally meant to be boring, one of a silly and frivolous woman. Jang took over the role and recreated the character into a believable woman-next-door.

¡°When I received this award the year before last, I decided to make a great speech if I win the prize again,¡± she said, receiving the prize. ¡°But now that I receive this award quite unexpectedly, I don¡¯t remember anything to say.¡±

¡°But I¡¯ll tell you this for sure. I will try my best to be a great actor and to make films that satisfy you,¡± she said.
englishnews@chosun.com / 12¿ù 12, 2003 20:02 KST