'Too Young To Die' Gets Critics Award

    November 22, 2002 18:01

    Park Jin-pyo's "Too Young To Die," already a famous title thanks to the publicity from an invitation to the Cannes Film Festival, and two "restricted screening" decisions from the Korea Media Rating Board, will receive the International Critics Award from the 7th Pusan International Film Festival. The on-screen-and-off-screen couple, 73-year-old Park Chi-kyu and 71-year-old Lee Sun-ye, are proud to talk about their love story.

    Park and Lee were madly in love with each other, holding hands throughout the interview. "She asked me whom I lived with over and over when we first met," said Park who claims that his wife approached him first at Seongdong District Senior Center early last year. "His smiling lips were so cute," says Lee. Widower Park was attracted to "small but fit" Lee, who lost her husband several years ago. Park and Lee started to call each other at 6:00am, until Lee moved into Park's house.

    They weren’t shy about their sex scene in the movie. "I thought I didn't have to hide my body and my life. It's better when you are active in sex as far as the situation allows," says Lee. "I was shy at first, but I trusted my husband and the director. It was quite uncomfortable watching my private life on screen at first, but over time, I overcame that. It's more about education," says Lee, who recommends the young audience to think about their parents during the movie.

    In the movie, Park marks on the calendar the days they make love, and that's what he does in his real life. "It's fun to keep track of our love life, and I can check my condition as well." When Lee defined, "love comes from the heart and body at the same time," Park added that the body is as important as the soul. When asked what they would do when they could no longer share physical love, they gave an old and wise answer, "then companionship will tie us together." As Lee says they will reminisce on the good old days, they place their other hands on the already tightly held hands.

    They are no longer the objects of media frenzy, but just one of numerous couples in love. They are just a tiny bit older. "Too Young To Die" is not a movie about sex life of 70 somethings, but the most optimistic homage to life itself.
    (Lee Dong-jin, djlee@chosun.com)
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