Brothers Both Get Cannes Invites

    May 21, 2002 20:29

    As much as Im Kwon-taek is making headlines for his second invitation to the Cannes International Film Festival with "Chihwaseon," two Korean brothers are also knocking on the prestigious event with a small-budget indie film and a 15-minute short piece. Former documentary producer, 36-year-old Park Jin-pyo's first feature film "Too Young to Die" is invited to the Semaine Internationale de la Critique, while 32-year-old NYU film graduate student Park Jin-oh presents "Request" in the Cinefoundation program. The Chosun Ilbo met the filmmaker brothers in Cannes.

    -"Too Young to Die" received rave reviews overseas, including Variety Magazine calling it a kind of "Empire of the Senses" style.

    Jin-pyo: There have been six screenings in two days, and I have been interviewed by over 10 news organizations, including AP and networks from the Netherlands, Japan, and France. I was delighted to see the audiences assimilate with the feast scene.

    -The movie is quite sensational, exposing an old couple in a seven-minute sex scene.

    Jin-pyo: I wanted to break the preconception about the elderly. Even if the body ages, desire for sex and thirst for love do not fade away. I wanted to capture the "moment of love," and the audience accepted it as a cinematic expression of pure love. Some sees the scene as a challenging of taboos, but I just wanted to deliver a love story. That's why I did not give any narrative about the couple's social background.

    -"Request" deals with the issue of death by depicting a precocious child who requests to see his mother's dead body being treated for burial.

    Jin-oh: I am so interested in the issue of human soul that I once considered changing my major to theology. While my film is dark on surface, it is actually a growing-up tale of a boy with a hope.

    -Actress Song Cha-hwan is not only a wife to you but also a partner in movie making, as she also participated as a producer in your first piece "Lunch," which was invited to Sundance earlier this year.

    Jin-oh: Since we met at school (Seoul Institute of Arts), she has been my best partner, as well as being a terrific actress herself. I respect her and thank her. Song covered the production cost for "Request," some W20 million, as well.

    Song, who was listening to her husband giving the interview, added that she is always fascinated by her husband for being sincere and serious for some 10 years of their relationship. The Park brothers are their own best critics of each other. Jinp-yo says that he was thrilled when his younger brother gave a positive review on his "Too Young to Die," while Jin-oh says he is proud of his brother's "brave" approach. However, their father, who will be celebrating his 70th birthday this year, will be most happy and proud for the brothers’ achievement: a double invitation to the world’s most prestigious film festival.

    (From Cannes, France, Shin Yong-gwan,

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