Fans Swamp Airport for Return of Seo Tai-ji

Kimpo International Airport was crowded out for the whole of Tuesday with passionate fans of singing icon Seo Tai-ji who returned to Korea on the day finishing four years and seven months seclusion in the U.S. At 6:00am, some 200 fans took seats in the entrance of terminal number one increasing to around 800 by 5:00pm.

By the time Seo Tai-ji arrived at 6:25pm on Asian Airlines, the number of fans had reached more than 1,000 causing serious traffic chaos in front of the airport terminal. The police urgently dispatched 900 policemen to control the situation and prevent accidents.

The fans including the members of the Seo Tai-ji fan club sang songs written by him including "I Know," and "Hayeoga" together, and waved placards saying "We Grew Up A Lot, Didn't We?" and "Taiji, The Immortal Myth." Many of the fans in the airport were high school students with freshmen and sophomores from universities. All were wearing white T-shirts and waved yellow handkerchiefs symbolically meaning the endless waiting for a beloved person who has been gone for a long time. / Aug. 29, 2000 19:58 KST