Ex-Idol Singer Sun-ye Thrilled to Be Returning to Stage After 10 Years

By Park Don-kyoo | February 02, 2023 08:44
Sun-ye, a former member of now-disbanded girl group Wonder Girls, is returning to the stage 10 years after she stepped aside from her career to get married. She will appear in the musical "Ruth," which is scheduled to open on March 5.She shared her excitement about making a new start as a musical actress in a recent interview with the Chosun Ilbo."I have been away for 10 years, and this is my first musical, but I summoned the courage to do it," she said. "It reminds me of my old trainee years, and I realized again that we are happiest when we have a dream to fulfill. I'm filled with energy and thankful just to be taking on a new challenge." "Ruth" tells the story of a woman who accompanies her mother-in-law to Bethlehem after losing her husband. After enduring many hardships, she falls in love with a man there. 
Sun-ye's return to the stage follows changes in her personal life, including her family's move to Korea from Canada. "I'm grateful that my three daughters have adjusted well to their schools and new environment," she said. Wonder Girls enjoyed huge popularity after debuting in 2007. But Sun-ye said she did not miss show business after leaving the group almost out of the blue to get married in 2013."I had no time for that. I had a baby and spent two years taking care of it. Then I had another baby, and then one more baby after two years. Childcare is twice as hard as being a member of an idol group. But no matter how hard it is, no one acknowledges it -- you don't get credit for it," she said.Asked how she felt about making her musical debut, she said, "It still doesn't feel real. Initially I worried about what would happen if I fell short of expectations. But I wanted to take up the challenge again and see how far I can go."  

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