When Is the Best Time to Book an Int'l Flight?

By Gwak Rae-geon | January 19, 2018 13:37

Travelers going overseas from Korea may get a better deal if they buy tickets some five months before their intended departure dates, according to an analysis.

Travel price comparison site Skyscanner on Wednesday released the findings of its analysis of outbound ticket purchases in the past two years.

They show that it is cheapest to buy tickets for international flights 21 weeks in advance and one can get a cheaper ticket than the average when they buy seven weeks before at the latest. 

There are some regional variations. It was the cheapest to buy nine weeks before departure for flights to Japan, and 18 weeks for flights to Vietnam. Tickets were six and four percent cheaper than normal.

For longer flights, the sooner, the better. The cheapest flights to the U.K. and U.S. were available 23 weeks in advance as tickets were 10 and eight percent cheaper than the average.

March and November are the best months to travel overseas. Tickets were 10 percent cheaper in March and seven percent in November than the average of other months.

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