Actress Kim Hye-soo stars in her first action noir since her debut some three decades ago.

"It was my first action-packed role. I used to even request a body double for a scene where I had to ride a bike because I was afraid of getting injured," said Kim at a press event in Seoul for the release of "A Special Lady" this week.

In her previous film "Coin Locker Girl" in 2015, Kim played the role of a boss of a criminal gang, but did not do any action scenes.

"I had a lot of offers to do films with many action scenes, but I always backed down from fear of getting hurt. I am quite athletic, but I am such a coward," she admitted.

Kim Hye-soo

"I was drawn to a role in 'A Special Lady' who dreams of giving up all she has to live an ordinary life. A female boss of a criminal gang seems to be a very unrealistic job, but an actor has certain elements of that too," said Kim. "I always try my best to look glamorous when I have to attend certain events or gatherings, but when I'm not at work I just live the same ordinary life as others.

Since her first film in 1986, Kim has been a top star for over 30 years.

"I started working as an actress from a young age, so I still ask myself whether I am suitable for this job."

When asked if there is a film that makes her proud when she watches it? Kim said "Not yet" without hesitation.

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