The North Korean regime has incorporated a village more than 150 km from Pyongyang into the capital's administrative zone, apparently so it can provide workers in the missile industry there with perks.

Pyongyang residents are entitled to food rations and other benefits that the rest of the country must go without.

Panghyon-dong was incorporated into Pyongyang on Feb. 10, Radio Free Asia quoted a source as saying Monday.

Missile research and development centers and missile parts production plants are all concentrated in the village, which is off-limits to outsiders.

"Most workers in Panghyon-dong used to live in Pyongyang before," another source said. "Anybody with a Pyongyang citizen card is provided with various perks, including food rations and permission to travel across the North without a travel pass, except for the border regions."

The population of Pyongyang is estimated to be around 2.5 to 3 million.
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