Moderna Vaccine Delivery to Korea Also Delayed
Supplies of Moderna's vaccine to Korea have now also been delayed and will not arrive until the second half of this year. Originally, enough Moderna doses for 20 million people were supposed to arrive in May after President Moon Jae-in personally made a troubleshooting call to the Moderna CEO, but that seems to have netted only an empty promise.
Petty Crime on the Rise in Pandemic
Samsung Family Pledge Massive Donation to Charity
Top 39 Tycoons Earn W1.79 Trillion in Dividends
Unstoppable KOSPI Scales Another High
Kia Launches Facelifted K3 Sedan
Korean Athletes to Get Pfizer Vaccine for Tokyo Olympics
Seoul Mayor Apologizes to Predecessor's Victim
Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon has apologized to the victim of sexual harassment at the hands of his predecessor Park Won-soon. The apology came a year after the victim reported the abuses to Seoul City Hall, where they were ignored.
N.Korean Regime Loses Grip on Younger Generation
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un recently criticized young people who have grown up exposed to South Korean pop culture by saying they needed to be converted. Kim was pointing to the threat to his regime's Stalinist ideology posed by the young generation.
Korea Finally Signs Int'l Labor Standards into Law
The government on Tuesday finally ratified several key conventions of the International Labor Organization. Korea had been dragging its heels over the conventions under pressure from employer organizations and conservatives since joining the ILO in 1991.