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Chosun Ilbo

The Chosun Ilbo first hit newsstands in 1920 and now celebrates almost a century of journalistic excellence thanks to the unwavering support of our readers over the years. We have grown into what we are today by sharing both tears and laughter with generations of our readers. Based on our strong expertise in news reporting, we have evolved into one of Korea's largest media groups, Chosun Media, encompassing a wide range of subsidiaries from broadcast and new media to publishing.

The media landscape is changing rapidly, and the Internet is overflowing with inaccurate information and unconfirmed rumors. But even in these tumultuous times, we have continued to maintain accuracy in order to live up to the expectations of our readers. We believe our efforts to provide fair and accurate accounts of events as well as in-depth analysis and expert commentary on the issues gripping society and lucid editorials that cut through bias are the cornerstones of our distinguished content.

We constantly strive to produce professional journalism. We firmly believe that our true value can only shine when our confidence in providing unparalleled content matches the trust our readers have placed in us.

Throughout our history, we have always served as the eyes and ears of our readers. We will continue to keep our ears open to voices and demands from our readers and viewers. Based on a reputation earned through our readers' steadfast support and trust, we pledge to wield our influence in good faith and make the utmost effort to serve the public.

We will abide by our high standards to become the best source of information with the largest number of readers from all age groups and classes in Korea as The Chosun Ilbo approaches its centenary. Please stay tuned and keep reading.

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